My name is Julie Reed, and I'm an image-maker from Charlotte, NC.

I grew up in the city where aviation was born. No, not Kitty Hawk, that's where it took off. It was born in Dayton, Ohio. I love my husband, my kids, and coffee. Not always in that order.

I was in middle school when I first held my father's 35mm camera. I knew photography would always be an escape for me. It quickly became a way for me to be myself. Finding alternative processes for photography deepened my love and curiosity for image-making. I wasn't just taking pictures, it allowed me to make images.

Cyanotype's minimal setup and equipment allow me to create between loads of laundry, meal prep, homeschooling, or any other task a full-time wife and mother of four could tackle in a given day. Art has been my therapy for years, a way for me to explore the small wonders of nature with my girls. It has found new purpose in capturing everyday beauty as I process, fight and recover from cancer. These are snapshots of my quiet place in a hectic world. 

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